Why I Quit Disneyland

After only 8 months with the company, I turned in my two week notice on Tuesday. There is many reasons as to why i did so, but a few are important enough to actually blog about. The first is that i mentally couldn’t handle it. You have to at least act like you want to be there every time you are on-stage. When you work for the happiest place on earth, you don’t really get to have “off” days, which is almost impossible already but when you add bi-polar into the mix it makes it even WORSE. Also the fact that everyone acts like they are still in high school makes it hard to keep up the act. I tried to stay out of the chaos the best i could, but somehow kept getting dragged in.

Which leads to the second reason, which is that people just couldn’t keep the drama out of the workplace. I personally couldn’t care less about who was sleeping with who and why someone got fired that no one liked anyways. I’m not about that life. However, my few friends that i do care about started to go through things and naturally i wanted to be there for them. There was even a situation where i went to stand up for a “friend” and that led to being put under investigation, which sucked.

And my final reason was that i have a new job that is full time and pays better, but Disney would not work with my schedule. It was interesting when i was only getting maybe 20 hours a week before i changed my availability and then Disney gives me 30+. It was killing me physically since i would be up  at 7 am, be done with my new job at 5 pm, then need to be at Disney before 7 pm, and stay until 1230 am. I had no time to clean, no time to sleep, and no time just to chill. It was terrible.

I will miss working for the mouse. I met a lot of really great people, learned a lot of new things, and spent tons of time in the parks that i wouldn’t have been able to before. However, i needed a steady job that paid better than minimum wage so i can pay the bills. But I plan on getting a annual pass for Disneyland so that i can still go whenever i want to. I first need to sort out my finances, and wait for the summer season to die down before spending that money.

But here is to new things!

xoxo, Xee