Lets Try & Get Healthy: Beginnings

Doctors Recommend that if you have any sort of mental health diagnosis, you try to make your physical body as healthy as possible. I’m pretty sure that’s because all doctors must feel some sort of obligation to tell their patients to work out and eat right. However, now that i’m an adult (sort of) and i have some time to work on it, I’ve decided to get started with it. So that being said, if i make sure to post about it weekly, it might keep me into the habit of both blogging and being healthy. Maybe? We will see.

I got a gym membership to my local gym about two weeks ago. In the Southern California area, there is a gym company called 24 hour fitness that has a ton of different gyms all over the area. With Disneyland, I got a major discount for a membership. Instead of paying a ton in initiation fees and per month, my fees were waived and i am able to pay $40 a month to go to all of the gyms in the area… well except one but that’s only because it apparently has a rock wall. Big whoop! There is a gym right down the street from me, so i have no excuses. It also is, i’m sure you could guess, 24 hours so even on my latest shifts i can go.

Now my workout routine is a little rusty since I haven’t had a gym class for since my sophomore year of high school which was 8 years ago. SO i don’t remember how to run the mile or do at least one pull up. I normally do workout classes, like zumba and yoga, whenever i am able to make the class time. Those classes are fun but also make me sweat, which is the whole point. However, when its about 10pm since i just got off work, I have to rely on something to show me what to do. That is where my good friend Pinterest comes in. I have a whole board called “Nerdy Training Routine” which if you would like to see is right Here, which shows workouts I can do based on characters that i like. It feels really good to think I might look like Catwoman one day šŸ™‚

Now when it comes to eating right, my step-mother gave me a Nutri-Bullet that a client gave her and she never opened. It is one of the those deluxe ones that came with two huge cups, lids, handles, and a giant book of recipes. As I have only had this for about a week, i have stayed pretty boring with my shake creations. Mostly, i just put fruit yogurt, a banana, another fruit (mostly peaches), and ice in the cup and blend it up. I love peaches and bananas make it just a little thicker. Soon I will get protein powder to add into it, but i hardly have the time or funds right now to do it. Once i do, ill be sure to write more about the shake creations I make. But if you want to try a simple one, here is a quick recipe?

Miss Xee Harlow’s Super Simple Peach Smoothie

1 whole banana, peeled and sliced into little pieces

1 whole can of cut peaches, canned with fruit syrup. 

1 peach yogurt

8 ice cubes

Dump it all into the Nutri-Bullet cup, twist in the blender head, and blend. Best served cold!

What kinds of smoothies do you make? Please send me a couple of your favorites so i can try them out!

Cheers, Xee


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