Cosplay Project: Tinkerbell

For 2017 Wonder Con, my good friends had costumes to fit into Peter Pan. One was a Neverland mermaid and another was a pirate, but they were meeting up with a group who had the main characters of the movie. I thought it would be fun to make a Tinkerbell costume to walk around in, sort of as a jab at my ex who had been stalking my social media for awhile there. So within 4 days, i made a full Tinkerbell costume. My friend thankfully had a wig, so the rest was up to me. Here is a couple of quick shots of the costume!

The wings were made of floral wire, cellophane, and poster board which took about 4 hours to build. They weren’t very sturdy and began to fray towards the end of the day, but a lot of people were very impressed with them! The shoes were just silver flats i had that i painted over with neon paint and hot glued the little pom poms. The dress was only a pattern at the top so i could fit it around my chest. The bottom was free hand.

I already know what i want to do to change the whole costume. If i can get my hands on some heavy duty plastic, i am going to remake the wings all together. The dress also is completely scrapped, but that i because i now know what i need to do to make it better. A huge challenge was also attaching the wings to the dress, which i figured out a new way to do it.

Although this project was meant really out of spite and for fun, i enjoyed being Tinkerbell! A lot of little kids wanted to take pictures with me and were super sweet about it. As mentioned, I am going to remake the whole costume so that i can maybe wear it for my friends character party business. We will see!

Up next is a post about some dresses I had made for Dapper Day, so let me know your thoughts!

Cheers, Xee


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